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by Susan Beaver Thompson

Weekly #PeaceSalon on Zoom (Thursdays)

On hiatus. Will return soon - Weekly, we host #PeaceSalon, an open, live discussion on Zoom.us about practical strategies for creating peace on Earth. It's a place where peace builders - including activists, budding activists, and peace journalists  - can come together on a level playing field and talk about solutions and collaborative efforts. We use a digital talking stick (patterned after Native Americans) and also host regular peace forums and peace meditations. Join us at: https://zoom.us/j/3594169537

#TripForPeace - Peace Journalism Adventure Across America (Phase 1)

The power of the people is the greatest game changer on the planet! In 2017 and 2018, we've been traveling across America showcasing peacebuilders in action. We're helping to change the dialogue from war to peace, making peace the #1 priority on the planet. We believe in using #techforgood. Currently, we're working on taking it to the next level. We're seeking a mobile journalism (MOJO) van to continue our work. We encourage you to join in as a mobile journalist on your own smartphone or electronic device. #TripForPeace Is populism in action and the prequel to The Peace PIrates (see below).

The Peace Pirates - Live and Digital Events; Social Change Docudrama (Phase 2)


Four years in the making, The Peace PIrates: Take Your Seat at the Table is a worldwide social change experiment and an example of social entrepreneurship in action. This platform will enable people across the planet to attend "Peace Conferences of the People" in person or on Zoom. At the same time, we'll be filming an Internet-based docudrama (TV show) on a working pirate ship that celebrates and unites peace builders everywhere. Using augmented reality, streaming video, and OST. we're helping to take collaborative action to the next level. Learn more.

Writing and Social Journalism

Here is my writing portfolio.


I'm always writing articles and editorials on the most pressing issues on our planet. I am a mobile correspondent and peace journalist. I believe in solutions-based journalism and am a big fan of Hunter S. Thompson, the original gonzo journalist.  I write on a number of social journalism sites, including Storia, and publish articles on publications and websites dedicated to peace, social justice and activism.  I love to travel, meet and interview people and tell their stories.

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