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Email me at surfsongusa - at - gmail dotcom, or call (361) 779-3303.
Article Writing and Blogging | Mobile Journalism (MOJO)
I've been a writer and journalist all of my life. I've also been a businesswoman and entrepreneur. I hold a Masters degree in English. I create eyewitness content; I can cover people and events anywhere in the U.S. in a wide variety of formats. Most often, I write about people and places. Subject areas include: business, marketing, technology, innovation, travel, the media, food & drink, entertainment, space, peace, politics, activism, social change, and collaboration.
I can write regular monthly (short or long form) blogs and/or freelance pieces, including feature articles. I take my own photos and videos. I know SEO well and have used content management systems, such as WordPress, for years. I can post to social media, advise on content and monetization strategies, and manage writers and other freelancers, as needed.

Business Plans, Profiles and EBooks
From your business plan to your content strategy (and everything in between), I can work with you to help launch your new entrepreneurial venture, revitalize your existing business, re-brand for an expanded market, and employ the latest technologies. This includes market research, writing the Plan, and advising you along the way. I also can create pitch decks and other investment materials and have a background in crowdfunding.
If you need a written profile of your business (or profiles for businesses you work with), I can write those for you, interviewing people as necessary. In fact, developing interesting, effective case studies from a company's client base is one of my specialties. I use the B-A-R Story formula. I also have extensive experience using LinkedIn, AngelList and other sites.
Want to take your life and your career to the next level? I can help you plan, write, edit and produce an EBook of your own, encouraging you and keeping you on track from start to finish. I can take your book on to Amazon. I can call on my contacts in the publishing industry to help position and publicize your EBook and use it to build your business, brand and email list.
Editing Services
I can edit anything professional or personal, including your memoirs. I'm familiar with many types of formats. Send me an email and we can discuss by phone,
Skype or Zoom.
Business Growth Advisor | Board of Directors
I have enjoyed a 25-year career in business development and journalism. I was writing and marketing before the Internet and social media. And, I've made it my priority to adapt to and excel in the many web-based advances since. It's been a fun, wild ride so far! I'm grateful to have been involved in many start ups, product launches
and social entrepreneurial ventures.
I offer my insights in the marketing, digital communications, content strategy and development, and publishing arenas to other growing and established firms. We can set up a consulting contract and/or I can serve on your Board of Directors or Advisory Council. (I'm the former chair of the Iowa Lottery Board and have served on many venture capital and non profit boards.) To learn a little about my background, here is my bio and my Linked In Profile.
Leading Round Table Discussions and Public Forums
(and Related Speaking Engagements)
I facilitate Open Space Technology conferences - in person and on Zoom. Learn more here. I also am available for public speaking engagements related to my writing and social change projects. I usually speak on social change topics, such as: activism, peace, peacemakers, peace journalism, social journalism mobile journalism and the many White Elephant issues that the American public is not discussing openly... yet.
As a mobile journalist, I am considering getting a tiny house, using information from to research and select one.
Let's talk about what you have in mind and go from there.
Contact me: surfsongusa - at - gmail dotcom, or call (361) 779-3303.

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