The Peace Pirates

A Global Social Change Experiment for Peace on Earth

In 2013, I set out on a peace mission (called The Peace Pirates) with my best friend, James, and our dog, Curious George. Today, sadly, both of my companions have left this planet. I carry on - with God's help of course - as a peace journalist and peace activist. I am one of many. My job is to be out with the people, celebrating peacebuilders and encouraging social journalists everywhere.


Over the next several years, the Peace Pirates will sail!. I see it clearly and write about it in my upcoming EBook, "Take Your Seat at The Table: The Great Turnaround For Peace".


Beginning September 21, 2017, in conjunction with World Peace Day, I started to interview and showcase U.S. peacebuilders, with the goal of becoming mobile as I raised the funds. Beginning March 27, 2018, #TripForPeace (Phase 1) started to bring the people eyewitness peace news, while inviting everyone to join in on a peace journalism team at I also launched a weekly virtual "Peace Conference of the People" - called #PeaceSalon - on Zoom. This is part of the preparation stage to launch The Peace Pirates in a big way.  More information about #PeaceSalon is here.


Here is my larger vision:


The Peace Pirates is a global social change experiment designed to enable the people of Earth to bring forth peace on Earth. The Peace Pirates will be a "vehicle" for change - an in-person and online discussion platform  - which includes an interactive TV reality show (docudrama). The creative use of augmented reality and social media will make the experience fully interactive.  Conceivably, everyone who's interested can be having a conversation about peace at the same time. This is powerful stuff. It's using #techforgood.

Peace Pirates is Reality TV, peace journalism, and

social entrepreneurship at its best.


To give you an idea of what The Peace Pirates is all about, I've included part of the treatment for The Peace Pirates below. It is registered with the Writers Guild of America West, #1627059, Copyright 2013.


If you would like to discuss partnering or assisting me in bringing The Peace Pirates to fruition, contact me at: surfsongusa - at Let's talk.


My upcoming EBook, "Take Your Seat at the Table: The Great Turnaround For Peace" will help set this phase of the journey in motion. I'll let you know when it's available. In the meantime, If you'd like to help support #TripForPeace, you can go to our crowdfunding site at Moonlighting.


Without further ado, I give you an initial glimpse into The Peace Pirates adventure...


Title: “The Peace Pirates: Take Your Seat at the Table” ®

Creator and Author: Susan Beaver Thompson

Genre: TV Reality Series (Docudrama)


Think King Arthur’s Court, modernized – and mobile. Think about the power and influence of creating a way for “the people” to be heard and empowered, and to join together to create a better future for our planet. The Peace Pirates will use all of the latest news, film and communications technology – including Augmented Reality (AR) – to help solve our most critical issues. The time for waiting for someone else to be the  “lead boat” has past. For Earth is to be a leader in the Universe, we must begin in earnest. Let’s set sail.


Traveling the world – on a 140-foot wooden sailboat – interacting with “the people” at selected ports of call (which will change each season).


The human race has placed itself in a perilous situation. As of 2012, there are 4,100 active nuclear warheads on the planet (Fed. of American Scientists). In 2012, the SIPRI estimated that "world military expenditure reached $1.63 trillion. This equates to $236 per year per person on Earth." This situation is getting worse every year with militarization increasing rather than decreasing. Our world leaders are focused on power and money; they're not addressing the issues we must solve if we are to survive and thrive.  Peace Pirates will galvanize the power of the people to turn this around.

The Great Turnaround for Peace

Two hosts, two celebrity guests, and an inter-generational cast and crew of 18 will sail the globe hosting Round Table Discussions to get people talking and taking action together. Other sailboat crews can join in the expeditions as they wish, as the lead boat attracts literal and digital “followers.”

The Roundtable will utilize Open Space Technology (OST), a powerful “in the round’ discussion technique that enables the people to: set the agenda, work through solutions, design work teams to champion change, and share their findings and progress in real time on the show and on the web. The first series of Round Tables will focus on restoring Peace and eliminating the War Machine across our planet. Consider all of the money, time and energy spent on war and weapons. Envision the good that will come if we redirect all of this energy toward improving the everyday lives of Earth’s citizens. Envision us taking the lead on the highest level possible. The bottom line: If we don't address Peace first, all other issues don’t matter, and we sacrifice our children’s future.


The series will be compelling and fun – and definitely an adventure of unknown proportions. Some of the series will be planned, but the main appeal will be its “Gonzo Journalism” style – which captures interactions, realizations, and extraordinary happenings as they occur, as they manifest spontaneously.

The show (and its associated web site) will make history, and be one of the “vehicles” that positively changes Earth’s role in the Universe for ages to come. It’s perhaps bigger in scope and purpose than anything that’s ever been undertaken, and we’ll do it live. It will also be one of the first well-publicized, global use of augmented reality (AR) – to chronicle what happens in the lives of the  “peace participants,” the “peace cast and crew,” the hosts, and the guest celebrities. Peace Pirates is Reality TV, peace journalism, and social entrepreneurship at its best.


An inter-generational cast and crew will travel the globe hosting Round Table Discussions to get people talking and taking action together. The “cast” will be comprised of trained journalists and discussion leaders, and will rotate each season, just as leadership on Earth is best when many talented people get a chance to offer their skills, and leaders do not get so entrenched that they misuse their power and influence.

The series will employ an accomplished TV director and his/her film crew, and an accomplished captain and professional sailing “crew.” All of the “cast” will also take their turns helping to sail the ship. Filming will occur both onboard (in transit to our ports of call for that season), as well as on land (as we hold the Peace Conferences with the people) – sharing it live with audiences via TV, the Peace Pirate website, social media, and Augmented Reality (AR) “vision logs.”  Viewers will be able to “join in the conversation” at the Peace Conference breakout sessions via Twitter feeds (shown on the walls of each room where the breakout sessions are held). Zoom rooms will also be used.  

The participants in the Peace Conferences – the everyday people of Earth – will always be the “stars” of the show. We will have different celebrities (and their guests) on board to sail, talk, and sometime perform. The first Season of Peace Pirates will sail up the U.S. East Coast. Each TV episode will last one hour. Additional coverage will be shown 24/7 on the website.

Ongoing Impact:

Part of each Peace Conference involves the people creating a local Peace Action Group (PAG) for ongoing action. (The formula for forming a PAG will be on the Peace Pirates website for other cities to use as a template.) Each PAG will have a section on the Peace Pirates website (and its own social media designations) to share their peace activities. Starting in Season Two, the show will feature video reports celebrating local PAG successes.

Our measure of success will be the impact the local PAGs make, the level of collaboration between the PAGs, and the number of TV, website, and social media “followers” we attract.


Promoting peacemakers - and encouraging peace journalism by the people - is an important part of the process. This phase will resume September 19, 2017 when I hit the road for peace.

The Peace Pirate’s social change philosophy is:

1) that peace begins inside;

2) that many local actions in unison lead to significant global change; and

3) that the people can and must alter our planet's destiny.

The time is perfect. The people are ready to make this change and take the lead.


Onward! Let the exploration and the experiment begin."

[Note: We are not associated with the band called Xander and the Peace Pirates - but we do love their music!)

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

© 2018 by Susan Beaver Thompson.

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